"Gen3's proactive approach to affiliate management has helped us far exceed our new customer acquisition and sales goals each and every year we have been working with them. In addition to aggressively recruiting new partners to our program, they have helped build solid, long lasting relationships that will help continue our sales growth for a long time to come. They are not only focused on growing our sales and customer base, but also are extremely focused on protecting and managing our brand, which is very important to us. I am confident I will always get dedicated account management, attention to detail and focus on meeting our goals from Andy, Mike and the Gen3 Marketing team."
- Andrew Ruggeri, Director of Online Marketing,

"Gen3 has quickly become an invaluable member of our team and a significant piece of our consumer strategy moving forward. It isn't often that you find an outside team that brings such expert level knowledge of a complex industry, quickly grasps your brand's needs (known--or unknown in many cases) and drives the hell out of the resulting opportunities. The transformation from traditional affiliate management to Gen3 is startling. We saw an immediate revenue impact once we flipped the switch and couldn't be happier with where these guys are guiding our affiliate business. These guys build relationships, both in the industry and with their clients, and provide us with thinking that affects our overall business. Communication is top-notch and I don't think they have ever told us something was outside our agreement or scope of work. They simply have a vested interest in our business and I lean on them for the advice you can only get from the best in the space. Bottom line, they push us to be great and we all win through that spirit of collaboration."
- Jay Custard, Director of Global Online Marketing, Crocs

"Gen3 is an outstanding partner for Columbia and has been instrumental in building and optimizing our affiliate channel. Mike and Andy quickly provided the tools and guidance needed to launch an affiliate program from start to finish, helping us launch in time for the peak holiday season. With their extensive experience with the affiliate networks, and utilizing their existing relationships with publishers, they were immediately able to recruit and drive sales for our multiple brands. Gen3 has a solid understanding of the affiliate channel, but they also took the time to understand our goals as a brand and built a comprehensive program based on our needs. Our partnership with Gen3 is invaluable to our growth strategies in the affiliate channel, and we look forward to continued success together."
- Ryan Osborne, Manager of Acquisition Marketing, Columbia Sportswear

"Andy and Mike are an absolute delight to work with; they exude and inspire confidence, have outstanding relationship management skills, and continue to raise the bar for affiliate management. In representing us with affiliates, they have demonstrated a rare blend of strategic vision, tactical prowess, and detail-oriented implementation skills. Their strong experience and contacts in the industry are only part of the reason for their success; what truly sets them apart is their genuine concern for the client and holding their clientsí interests above all else ñ even when itís at odds with personal gain. They are fabulous at what they do and I wholeheartedly recommend them, especially if youíre looking for superstars with a strong work ethic."
- Priya Kulkarni, Internet Acquisitions, Discover Financial Services

"We love using Gen3 Marketing for our affiliate needs. They have valuable relationships with all the major publishers. You can't put a price on a valuable relationship! They have done wonders for our affiliate program, and we send them a lot of business because they not only deliver, but deliver big."
- Ben Kirshner, President & CEO,

"It only took a few weeks with Gen3 to begin seeing positive results with our affiliate program. Andy and Mike rolled-up their sleeves and immediately began recruiting new affiliates, activating old affiliates and getting better placement for Luggage Online on affiliate sites. We couldn't be more thrilled with Gen3 and their performance. We look at Gen3 Marketing as a partner. We know you have our best interests in mind and appreciate everything you have done so far. We look forward to many more years of working with the Gen3 team."
- Tim Jacobsen, FMR VP eCommerce,

When I wanted to reinvigorate our affiliate program, I called Gen3 Marketing. What makes them different is their willingness to weave themselves into the fabric of our organization and to become part of the team. They know what they are doing and were able to deliver measurable economic value the very first week on the job. We are very pleased with their work especially in the areas of publisher recruitment, promotional strategy, and knowledge transfer. Program growth has exceeded our expectations. They are a pleasure to work with and Iíd call Gen3Marketing again in a minute.
- Mark Reese, FMR Chief Operating Officer,

"Gen3 Marketing has allowed us to re launch an affiliate program both profitably and with very quick return on investment. Our previous foray into affiliate marketing left us frustrated due to lack of internal resources in managing prospective and existing affiliates. Gen3 has made our program scale very rapidly by leveraging their extremely targeted expertise in the affiliate marketing arena."
- Jason Roussos, President, Richlund Ventures d/b/a

"I needed to launch an affiliate program and didn't have the resources or expertise so Gen3 was a perfect turn-key solution for my needs. Andy and Mike got up to speed on our business very quickly and worked with me to create a program tailored to our needs. The results we're achieved in the first 3 quarters since launch have exceeded our targets, impressively, with respect to overall volume of transactions and the cost effectiveness of acquiring new users. Andy and Mike are great to work with - true experts in their field, very responsive and always putting us (the client) first.. Of all our outsourced partners, they are far and away the best in terms of the value they deliver."
- Drew Marich, CEO,

"We recently partnered with Gen3 to manage our Affiliate program and the impact was immediate. Gen3 re-engaged valuable partners in our program, and engaged several new recruits. Additionally, we have already made a positive impact to our ROI due to their diligent efforts. Most importantly, Gen3 works as every great vendor should ñ as a valued extension of our core team."
- Tracy Rhyan, Vice President Multi-Channel Marketing,

"Gen3 Marketing is a valuable partner for our affiliate channel. Not only have their expertise and abilities helped us reach our goals, but Gen3 consistently provides a resource extension for our own team - giving us greater bandwidth to manage our online and offline affiliate partners. We are confident that Gen3's level of commitment and attention to detail will continue to help our affiliate channel grow successfully."
-Gregory Hohnstein, Marketing Manager, QuickQuid

"Gen3 has made us a lot of money. With a rare combination of relationships, competence, and toughness, the employees and owners of Gen3 have consistently increased our affiliate program business volume, managed our cost, exposed us to opportunities, and guarded our profitability."
- Andrew Fox, CEO, SuperJeweler

"Gen3 has been an integral part of the management and growth of our Affiliate program. They are continually recruiting new affiliates which are in-line with our brand. Gen3 also works hard to optimize and gain additional exposure with our current affiliate base. Their expertise in affiliate marketing ensures we are up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the industry, such as changes to the Nexus Law. Overall, our partnership with Gen3 has allowed us to build effective relationships, grow traffic and increase ROI of our program."
- Melissa Lear Pappion, Online Marketing Manager, Spanx

" Gen3 is an instrumental strategic partner that has provided us with creative and unique ideas to grow new customer acquisition for the business. They have adapted to changes we have made to our internal marketing strategy and consistently bring new and exciting opportunities to expand the reach of our affiliate program. Their expertise in the industry is unparalleled and their ability to target and recruit publishers based on our needs has exceeded our expectations. The Gen3 team is a pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend them as an affiliate partner."
- Brad Porter, Director of Marketing, Peapod

"Partnering with Gen3 has been a key piece of our overall marketing strategy to help grow our business over the past 2+ years. As a young company entering the competitive flash-sale market, their approach to building and optimizing our affiliate program from both a sales and new member acquisition standpoint has been instrumental to our overall growth. The Gen3 team approach combines expertise from years in this industry with great communication, knowledge sharing and relationship building skills that creates the perfect blend for this channel. They not only help us tap into their existing relationships in this space, but also forge new ones with emerging affiliate players to maximize brand exposure and build brand loyalty for Zulily. We have seen nothing but positive results from their very first week on the job and we are extremely excited to expand our partnership to include Zulily?s entrance into the UK market to help us achieve the same growth we?ve had for our domestic program."
- Dave Atchison,VP, Marketing, Zulily

"Working with Gen3 on our affiliate marketing for our five brands has been a great ongoing relationship. Gen3 has proven to have all the right qualities it takes to increase our affiliate sales, AOV, and CTR. Gen3 always listens and takes action to find the best "Top Performing" affiliates that will drive qualified traffic to the site. They are always available, and respond immediately to any issue that we encounter. It has really been a pleasure working with Gen3, and I hope to continue having them manage our affiliate marketing programs for Perry Ellis, Cubavera, Original Penguin, C&C California, and Rafaella for a long time to come."
- Juliana De Angulo, E-Commerce Marketing Manager, Perry Ellis

"We?ve been partnered with Gen3 since May of 2010 and their understanding of the affiliate marketing space and attention to detail never cease to amaze. They?re truly an amazing partner and an extension of our LifeLock affiliate team. Over the last two years they?ve helped us identify many new affiliate opportunities and continuously provide us with the in-depth reporting and tools to help us make the right decisions for our business. We?re happy to have Gen3 as a partner and hope to continue expanding our relationship further as our affiliate program grows."
- Cristine Vieira , Online Marketing Manager, LifeLock

Commission Junction

"Gen3 Marketing has quickly become a highly valued agency partner to Commission Junction. Gen3 has real expertise in launching, growing and strategically managing programs across a wide variety of verticals and Commission Junction, Advertisers and Publishers have all benefited from their strategic approach. Mike, Andy and team clearly know what it takes to be successful in affiliate marketing."
- Shannon Jessup, Director of Sales, Commission Junction


"Gen3 is a great agency partner for LinkShare. Not only are they a strong team but they truly understand the channel and the unique value that LinkShare technology offers Advertisers and Publishers. Our shared clients demand the protection of their brands and meeting ROI goals and Gen3 has a proven track record of achievement. Theyíre a pleasure to work with and we look forward to growing our business together."
- Jack Spielberg, Sr. Director of Strategic Partnerships, LinkShare


"It's great working with the Gen3 Marketing Team. Mike and Andy really know the Industry and have taken the time to understand our business model and find creative ways that we can work with their clients to achieve mutually profitable results. I highly recommend Gen3 Marketing!"
- Adam Viener , Chairman & Founder, Imwave, Inc., Blogger

"Gen3 Marketing truly understands the value of partnership and continually works to enhance their relationships with both their affiliates and merchants. Working with Gen3 the past few years has been a great experience ñ I consider Mike and Andy to be great friends as well as a great partner. They have helped to create strong efficiencies while launching new merchants on the Upromise Online Mall, as well as being effective at increasing their merchantsí awareness and value for our members. If you are looking for someone that knows the Affiliate Marketing industry and knows what partnership is worth, Gen3 Marketing the agency for your brand."
- Tony Buglione, Business Development Manager, Upromise, Inc.

"We work with many merchants and many affiliate management companies so it is imperative for us to get accurate and concise communication, and Gen3 Marketing understands that. They are great at getting us the best and freshest information, deals and coupons, getting them to us timely, and getting them in a format that is easily understood. Affiliate marketing is definitely a partnership of many and Gen3 Marketing has always held up their end of that equation."
- Alan Rapaport, Affiliate Manager,

"I have known the Gen3 team since their inception and have enjoyed working with them over the past 3 years. Their understanding of how our site works makes my job so much easier! Due to their extremely efficient work ethic and clear communication skills, they have been beyond helpful in managing our relationships with their network of stores. I look forward to staying close partners with Gen3!"
- Aimie Venchus,

"Mike and Andy are consummate affiliate marketing pros.Ý They've been working in the field since affiliate marketing was created and provide unparalleled expertise and service to both merchants and affiliates.Ý Whether you want to start or jump start your affiliate marketing program is a great choice."
- Paul Nichols, FMR Director of Sales,

"We've worked with the Gen3 team for several years, as both a customer of ours and an advisor to our current clients.Ý Mike and Andy understand the affiliate marketing space as well as anyone out there.Ý In particular, we appreciate their quantitative approach and their ability to find solutions that work for both merchants and publishers."
- John Durrett, Director of Sales,

" has a long-standing relationship with Gen3. I couldn't be more pleased with their attentiveness, passion, commitment to the affiliate space, and dedication to the success of their clients. Gen3 understands the needs of their clients, the importance of growing affiliate programs to new levels, and creating strategies to attain that growth. Gen3 has strong ties in the affiliate community among both advertisers and publishers. Their reputation for impeccable service and their track record of growth is truly unique. I look forward to years of continued growth together."
- Adam Mankoff, Director of Partner Relations,

"Gen3's reputation in the industry is unmatched and 110% earned. From the smallest campaign details to the larger ones, Gen3 doesn?t skip a beat. Their modus operandi strikes the perfect balance of executing on Advertisers goals and understanding Publisher needs. This is not something that is easy to achieve but is seamlessly executed by their stellar account teams. It is that trust level that they have established in the industry on both sides that has made them one of my favorite agencies to work with on a both personal and business level. Keep up the great work guys!"
- Steve Herasimchuk,

"It's an absolute pleasure working with Gen3. Placements on Slickdeals are unconventional, but the team does a great job of listening to and accommodating our requests for custom deals, exclusivity, or modified dates. I'm comfortable going to the team with experimental ideas; I know that they will listen with open minds. Gen3 brings us high-quality advertisers that are likely to be good fits for our audience. Given the volume of low-value solicitations we see in our industry, that level of filtering is very appreciated."
- Alex Craig, Slickdeals

“We have been working with Gen3 since 2006. They have a great knowledge of the Affiliate space, are extremely professional and dedicated to their clients. The many awards they have received in the space shows why Gen3 is a leading Affiliate Management agency.”
-Howard Schaffer, VP of Partner Development,
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